Electric arcing


Welcome to your Difference between plasma and Light emitting devices for skin beauty therapy.


1.What is electrofulguation? Select the correct answers

2.The light emitted by Plasma devices is so small that has no effect on the human body whatsoever. It is the electrical discharge or electricity which cause the desired effects on the skin.

3.Lasers are devices that emit electromagnetic radiations which affect the body. 

4.What is true about lasers?

Select the correct answer/s

5.Light emitted by plasma may cause an effect on the eyes and protective glasses are needed. After all these devoces look like lasers,  they are the same and work in the same way.

6.What is the difference in IPL and lasers?

7.The longer the light wavelength, the deeper is the penetration of the skin. 

8.The skin type determines the intensity of the laser treatment. Darker skins need less intensity.

9.What is true about electric discharge plasma devices?

Select the correct answer/s

10.How is the heat propagated in the skin using the arcing devices?