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You must perform the exercises suggested on our training platform on the test meat before you use the device on your clients.


When can you be satisfied that you had enough practice on the test meat?


Being able to generate the arc when the device is set a minimum power level is a matter of academic qualifications?


How long does it take to learn to generate the arc at minimum power level on the test meat?


Once you are comfortable you can generate the arc with the device set at minimum power level, you can perform all the full treatments ?


You must perform patch tests on the area behind the ear and on the wrist of your client before you start performing any treatments on any of your new client. This is usually done at consultation stage.


If you follow the instructions on the on-line training platform, over time you will have more knowledge than you could possibly gain at any given live training event?  This is because there is more information on the on-line training platform than could possibly be provided on a single live seminar.


During the recovery period (until) the scabs have fallen off by themselves the client must avoid direct sun exposure because sun screen cannot be worn during the scabbing process.


In the hot season there is no guarantee guarantee that hyper pigmentation will not develop. This is due to the high intensity of UV light and the client can be exposed to intense sunlight even without realising it.


If the client does not follow the after-care there is likelihood of undesired effects, ie hypertropic scars, atrophic scars, hipopigmentation or hyper pigmentation can increase.


It is best to avoid the use of the device close to main superficial arteries like the temporal arteries because to avoid piercing them.


Given the nature of electrical arcing (also referred to as Plasma for marketing purposes).


Total sun screen but be worn by your client on the area you treated every day for three months. When should they start?


The client is in charge of their after-care and if it is not followed properly infections or other undesirable effects could arise.


In skin tightening the intensity of the treatment is determined by:


When you first use the device on any of your clients after the patch test, you must use the device at very low intensity when using it for skin tightening. In any case always use the minimum power level at the beginning.


Make up is not allowed (including mineral) until the area you treated has recovered fully. If Make-Up is used during the recovery period there could be complications including infections, hypo pigmentations and/or scarring.


What is true about the electrodes?


During the recovery period (also referred as healing). Can have multiple answers.


After the treatment sometimes scabs may develop. These should


When using the spot operation even if the device is set at minimum power:

Multiple correct


If you are a Beautician and have an NVQ level 3 or equivalent:

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