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Eliminación de Xanthelasma

If you are using voltaic arcing for Xanthelasma removal, you can either opt for leveling off this benign skin lesion with the surrounding skin area or you can remove also the part of the lesion which resides inside the skin. If you only level off the lesion you usually require to perform a number of Xanthelasma removal treatments in order to remove them completely. If you want to remove the Xanthelasma in one session you would usually need to remove the deep part of the xanthelasma as well.

The usual question is: how do I know when to stop ablating the Xanthelasma? After wiping off the carbon residues with a cotton pad impregnated with non flammable antiseptic if you notice that some yellow fatty residues are still present then you may want to carry on burning off the Xanthelasma until you remove all the yellow residues and there is no trace of any fatty deposits.

Be careful because if you ablate too deep, you damage the inner part of the dermis the risks of scarring increases.

Remember that there is no currently known way to remove benign lesions while guaranteeing that the final results will be scar free. All you can do is minimize the risks of developing permanent scarring.

The new tissue grown after the part has recovered usually have a pinkish texture to it and this is normal.

The first time you attempt Xanthelasma Removal remember to be cautious and it is generally better to have the client to come back with a smaller Xanthelasma than going too deep with the removal.

The aftercare is up to your client and if infections arise after this simple aesthetic procedure risks of permanent scarring can increase.

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