BeiCream Soothing Cream After Eyelid & Skin Tightening and Laser Treatments

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One of the most potent soothing products on the market.

It provides an intense immediate feeling of intense freshness and relief.

The best aftercare after:

  • Fibroblast upper eyelid tightening and skin tightening.
  • CO2 Laser Treatments.
  • Fraxel Lasers.
  • Deep skin peels.
  • It provides immediate fresh relief from the burn caused by these aesthetic treatments!

It provides immediate soothing as if you would be putting ice of the area treated by the plasma fibroblast and cosmetic lasers.

As we know the problem with upper eyelid tightening, Fraxel, CO2 Laser treatments is the downtime caused by the skin burn of the treatment itself. The Beicream provides immediate relief from the burning sensation. It feels like a breath of fresh air as soon as it is applied onto the burnt skin. Given the feeling of freshness the clients use it as a home aftercare solution up until the area has recovered.



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