VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD All Tests certificate

All Tests certificate

Welcome to your All Tests certificate

Phone Number with international code

Have you taken the  following tests? (We take professionalism seriously. Please note that on request, you will have to show the individual test certificate on each subject. Failure to provide such certificate will invalidate the Master Certificate):

1. General skin tightening;

2. Eyelid tightening;

3. Crow`s feet attenuation;

4. Acne scar and Chickenpox scar attenuation;

5. Smoker lines attenuation;

6. Brown and Age spot removal;

7. Benign skin lesions removal;

8. Xanthelasma Removal;

9. Familiarize the use of Electric Arc;

10. Tattoo  removal; and

11. Tattoo removal aftercare;

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