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Before purchasing any product, the legal question.

Please note that there are several devides on the market and the fact that they generate an arc does not mean that thay can be used for aesthetic or medical applications.

Check with the manufacturer first. The fact that the device seems suitable is not guarantee that you can use it for aesthetic purposes. Un order to ensure you can use the device for aesthetic purpose make sure you are authorised to do so by the manufacturer of the device.

There are several fake devices on the maket. To make sure your device is genuine you onnly need to purchase it from a reliable source. How do I make sure the source is reliable? Very simple. Check on the legal entity which sells it, if they are eastablished and they are a registered business than this isa good indication. The more information you can get about the company the better.

You should be able to contact the selling company over the phone, email, they should have an easily identifiable physical address and a business registration numebr you can check with the business local authorities For example at Areton LTD you can check our business registation number, VAT number and all other details including published accounts.

Ask in advance:

  • Manual of the device.
  • Local Device Certification or declaration of conformity etc. In our case you can ask us the CE Declaration of conformity and subnit it with the locl authhority. Areton Ltd have already submited this Documantation to all relevant authorities before placing the device on the market.
  • Registered addess of the compny selling the device
  • Name of the name of the company manufacturing the device.
  • Whether the device has a label with a serial number, Manufacturer name, contact details including address etc. You can check the authenticity of the serial number with the manufacturer stated on the label.
  • Training manual for the aesthetic or medical uses. In our case all training information is published online in videos and writing on a=our relevant websites.

What if you purchase a product which does not have the above information? You assume all legal risks for operating a potentially non suitable device on humans. This is not to say that a particular device is not suitable because you cannot have all the above, this is only to outline that you have no back up sufficient evidence  you are using a suitable device for the mentioned purposes.

In case of a visit of the authorities to your business you may not have sufficient evidence to prove you are using a suitable professional instrument within a professional setting.

Whether it is worthwhile for your business to assume such risk is the choice of the business owner.


How to spot devices non compliant with minimum statutory legislation.

There are a number of counterfeit products and devices non compliant with the local legislation. It is very easy to spot  such devices. If  there are no labels, or you cannot identify the manufacturer this is a clear indication you have a counterfeit or non compliant device. All devices in the EU, The Americas and Asia (including China) must by law have a liable indicating the Legal or Original manufacturer. The devices


How to identify devices suitable for these aesthetic procedures, the practical question.

The devices should be low power because they, only low power electrical arcing is effective in a safe manner in the use of plasma for aesthetic purposes. The fact that the power required is very low also makes this an advantage from a design point of view, because the benefit requirng very low power can be fed by standardised lithium Iron rechargeable batteries, also allowing the electronics to be compact and make these device self contained and portable. This is a major breakthrough in the design of aesthetic devices which have been historically made to be large and bulky. Nowadays thy still are made bulky but this is mainly done in order to try to justify large purchase prices from the the clinics purchasing them.

Therefore size and bulk of the units are not an indicator of quality and safety “per se”, they are merely an indication of attempted price positioning within the market place.

The devices suitable for these types of aesthetic applications, especially plasma eyelid lift and localised skin tightening has to  have to be of low power. Also the  main devices suitable for these applications need to have an operating frequency ranging from 50 KHz to 150 KHz. This does not mean that other frequencies or designs may not be suitable, this simply means that what it is currently known as the most suitable tested frequencies for aesthetic applications are these rage of frequencies, because most devices for aesthetic applications in eyelid tigheting snd lcalised skin tightenign all use these varieties of sinusoidal frequencies.


Why low power levels and low arc intensity are preferred.

Th reason for these devices to be designed to operate at very low power levels is that they allow you to operate them with a greater degree of accuracy and the ablation on the skin tissue is not too deep at most common burst duration. Remember that despite the power intensity of the arc, high arc duration in the same spot will eventually lead to deep tissue ablation anyhow. However the low power level will allow novices to use tow intensity even if the arc duration is slightly longer than it should have been applied.

Besides the design, the device safety is determined first and foremost by the modality of use of these types of devices. This page will help you understand what it  is required in order to handle these devices in Please note that this is only a common sense aid to the safe use of voltaic plasma devices for aesthetic uses. In all instances you should be following the instruction manual and the information provided by the original manufacturer first and foremost.

Several more manufacturers are making plasma devices for aesthetic used therefore we have decided to make a page answering the question we hear more and more frequently, how can I generally use plasma devices for aesthetic purposes safely in general.

If you are unsure of the types of


Practice on the test meat.

The practice on the test meat is a process used by all manufacturers across the board. It is an easy exercise to carry out on your own. Do not undermine this simple exercise as some manufacturers charge large amounts to take you through this type of exercise and the is very easy to perform on your own.  and this is designed for you to:

  1. get used to the way electrical arcing are generated in a safe enviroment of an inhert test meat. This will make you proficient in generating the arc at the lowest power levels of the given device you are using.
  2. Understand the ablation capabilities of the electricalarcing first hand.

First practice on the test meat to undestand how the device operate on the test meat and assess its ablative power.
If the device is a multi power device then start prcticing on the test meat using the highest power level first. This will allow you to hgenerate the arc easily. Once you have generated the arc try to sustain it for a few seconds. What you will find is that the arc will start when the tip of the device is close to the surface of the test meat.

Then start decreasing the power level and try t generate the arc in another point for the test meat and sustain the arc for a few seconds.

Repeat the process until you can generate the arc easily using the device at its lowest power level. This is importatn as this is usually the power level used for localised skin tightening. This is also the power level which is the most difficult to use. Therefore take ou time to learn how to generate the arc at this power level comfortably.

Move to Patch testing.
The purpose of the patch tesing is to help you see how the ablation spots do not leave any significant mark after the most common procedures with plasma for aesthetic applications. This is quite important before you use the new device on the

The patct testing has to be done in at the lowest power level and using a short bust duration approximately ¼ of a second and distence between the spots of 2 to 3 mm. Let the area heal and appraise that the

Let the area haeal and after a two to three weeks there should be no signs of the treatment being carried out. This meand that there should not be red spots of anything of the sorts.
The you can try and increase the durating of the spots to half a second and

Please notte that some intruments are calibrated in a way which does not allow the spot duration to be that short. n signg and the

Please note that some devices may have such high power levels that they may be impractical for localised skin tightening. Thesefore always consult the manufacturer or the individual distributor
and avoid uding devices not suiatble for aesthetic intended uses

The best devices for aesthetic applications are those which have vast range of power levels. The lowest are the most impirtant. this is because the