Plasma Eyelid Tightening

Before the Plasma Eyelid Tightening and after photo

In this page we will show you the procedure of Plasma Eyelid Tightening , techniques, healing process and the results.

In this video, you will see the entire treatment, a short summary of the healing progression and the results. You can limit yourself to watching the video, however, if you want to learn more about the healing progression and results, all the information is presented later in this case study. You should keep in mind the this is first treatment the subject had undergone and the results may not be dramatic, however, it is possible to appreciate the improvements. In order to achieve the desired results a number of treatments are required. On average, for a similar case, a minimum of three treatments are recommended. The following video provides you with a quick overview of this case study.

In particular, the video shows you:

  • A summary of the before images.
  • The healing progression summary.
  • The entire procedure.
  • In the end, we show a comparison between before and after the procedure.


In this treatment we carried out plasma lower eyelid tightening, some crows feet attenuation and upper eyelid tightening. With the before photos and healing progression you can appreciate the process.

If you want more information about the eyelid tightening process, we have got lots of case studies on this site.



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