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How to remove Syringoma using Electrical arcing (BeautyTeck Protocol).

Remove all make-up thoroughly and make sure the area is clean. Wipe the area you intend to treat with the appropriate non flammable antiseptic. Once the area is clean, dry and disinfected, apply the appropriate numbing topical product for the comfort of your client only during this simple aesthetic procedure.

(For Medical practitioners only). If you are authorised to use injectable local anaesthetic you can do so for this particular aesthetic treatment, however this is not strictly necessary and the use of an effective topical numbing product will be usually sufficient to allow you to carry out this simple aesthetic procedure in complete comfort to the client and ease to yourself.

For Syringoma removal it is advisable to set the our electro fulguration device at minimum power level for maximum precision of operation. If you are an experienced user you can also increase the power level slightly however the minimum power level is recommended as Syringoma are rarely thick.

Apply the spray mode to simply levelling the Syringoma off with the surrounding skin as shown in the video above. Remember to wipe off the carbon residues from time to time, preferably after every spraying operation.


Syringoma Recurrence.

Please bear in mind that there is no currently known method to guarantee the Syringoma are removed permanently. This is because Syringoma tend to recur and therefore the effects of Syringoma removal can be only transient. This applies to any method used to remove Syringoma be it laser, electrical arcing (Elctro fulguaration or electrodessication), TCA and other cosmetic peels, including cryotherapy.  This means that despite the fact that they are effectively removed completely during your professional aesthetic removal session, they can reappear a few weeks later on the same areas where they have been removed.

Unfortunately these  recurrence effects have been extensively reported by several people who have undergone various aesthetic treatments  to remove them.  This is due to the very persistent nature of Syringoma.  Therefore it is advisable to include this information on the consent form before proceeding to treat a case of Syringoma to avoid future client disappointment.

Remind the importance of the aftercare to your clients.