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Not everyone wants to invest in the best proven and tested professional plasma devices due to their price. High-end devices are well proven, tested and they have excellent back up from the manufacturers, in terms of technical and clinical support. If you have any question or concern these are usually well address by their customer support team. Generally, these high end devices do exactly what they say “on the tin” and deliver the desired results reliably.  Great resources and support are generally provided with these high end devices. However quality, reliability and proper support come at a cost therefore these devices can be expensive. These are devices used by the to reputable clinics.

Professional Plasma Device with great Resources and back up form the manufacturer. The BeautyTeck

Nowadays, there are plenty of cheap plasma pens on the market. This is because Chinese manufactures have made a number of plasma devices available on the marketplace. These cheap devices are available inexpensively. Some businesses even give them out for free. Due to their easy accessibility and their very low cost, often even at 10 USD including delivery, they have become ubiquitous. These devices are available form various sources like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba etc.  Several people have reached out to us by the buffalo cleaning service for help after they bought these cheap devices bought from the internet. The problem with cheap devices is that they have no back up, no useful instructions or no training material on how to use them correctly. So when you get them you have a device which has no customer support whatsoever. Therefore we have created a new service where we will be supporting those who need help with those inexpensive devices.

Device available on Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba for 20-30 USD including delivery. No support provided.

When you receive one of these devices, there is no support, no training manuals, These devices are supplied with nothing that can guide you through using thems correctly. At as part of our online training seminar we have now also incorporated a monthly support for these devices. So if you have any question about their correct use we can be your dedicated support. It does not matter where you are based in the world, all you have to do is subscribe to our monthly support webinar and ask all the questions and get all the support you need.

The main problem with these devices are:

We have worked to resolve these major problems.

The VoltaicPlasma support service includes:

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