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Online Golden Training

Access the exclusive content of Areton Voltaic Plasma Course for only 19 US$ per month! 30 days money back guarantee!

Do you like all our videos and the online training? Are all the other taught courses letting you down? Do other companies charge you a lot for only a fraction of the information we give you for free? Do you need real support?

We have amazing exclusive content which will allow you to gain all the insight into the latest Plasma applications.

True Mastery comes from continous improvement and study. This is why we have created the “Golden Online Traning“ programme. This type of learning is the best way to be on top of your profession in Aesthetics. This will provide you with the tools to be a true expert and know all the nuances on the use of Voltaic Plasma for aesthetic uses. So, are you willing to achieve mastery in the use of Voltaic plasma in Aestheitcs? This is the right programme for you.

With this option we will email you all the exclusive content monthly, In this way you will have the edge versus the competition. As you may already know it is not possible to impart all the knowledge we are able to give you online through normal courses, this is simply because the information we have is the equivalent of months of full time daily course. This information can only be imparted online because it takes too long and  it is impractical to have similar face to face courses and impart the same knowledge which are nearly as effective.

With the Plasma Gold Membership you will have access to all the cutting edge knowledge about plasma for aesthetic applications. We will release to you all the new articles and videos exclusively to our Plasma Gold Remembers. The subscription is only 19 US Dollars per month!

30 Days money back Guarantee no Questions asked! Pay as you go, no minimum contracts required!

With this option you will receive:

  • Monthly latest curriculum on Voltaic plasma applications in Aesthetics.
  • The latest exclusive training Videos
  • Whatsapp support where we answer all the questions and doubts you have.
  • Online tests to prove you have acquired the relevant knowledge of the specific module.
  • Relevant Training Certificate.