Plasma Crow Feet Attenuation

Picture taken before the crow feet attenuation treatment

In this page we will show you the procedure of Plasma Crow Feet Attenuation treatment , techniques, healing process and the results.

In this  video will,  you will see  the entire treatment,  a short summary of  the healing progression and the results. You can limit yourself to watching the video, however if you want to learn more about the healing progression and results, all the information is presented later in this case study. You should keep in mind the this is first treatment the subject had undergone and the results may not be dramatic, however it is possible to appreciate the improvements. In order to achieve the desired results a number of treatments are required. On average, for a similar case, a minimum of three treatments are recommended. The following video provides you with a quick overview of this case study.


In particular the video shows you:

  • A summary of the before images.
  • The healing progression summary.
  • The entire procedure.
  • In the end, we show a comparison between before and after the procedure.


In this particular treatment, crow feet attenuation and lower eyelid treatment was carried out by use of plasma. Through the pictures here, you can appreciate the treatment process with the before and healing photos.

This subject was 30 years old and had very few wrinkles as you can see from the photo below.


Thank you for going through the case study. If you have any question, feel free to ask by commenting down below or directly talking over the phone or Whatsapp.