Permanent makeup removal

Permanent Make-Up Removal.

This section will only cover eyebrow permanent make-up removal. No tests have been performed on permanent make-up elsewhere on the face. Therefore it is advisable to limit your permanent make up removal treatments to  tattooed eyebrows.This type of treatment is generally carried out to correct previous work done by permanent make-up artists and this it an application frequently requested.

Permanent  make-up removal is much easier than normal tattoo removal. Normally both the equipment and the pigmentation used for permanent make-up are of very high quality. Therefore the removal or permanent make-up is normally much easier than the removal of normal tattoos for a number of reasons:

Our Electrical Arcing Device Removal Protocol:


Do not use any bandaging or any plasters to cover the area. The treated area will start scabbing two to three days after the treatment. In the unlikely case the scabbing does not occur within this time-frame, this maybe a sign that there may be some ongoing complications (generally infections). If this is the case all efforts have to be made to cure the infection in order to avoid scarring.   Any scabs must fall off by themselves and must not be picked.

Repeat the treatment after 8 weeks if required.