Tattoo Removal


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The most important things to do during the after-care before any scab forms are:


State which of the following statements is not true:

State which ones of the following statements are true:

State which one of the following statements about electrical arcing is likely to be true:

With most expensive laser tattoo removal equipment there is no need to perform any patch testing.

When performing a patch test for tattoo removal using electrical arcing:

When using electrical arcing for tattoo removal treatments:

What is the maximum approximate size of the area of the tattoo it is recommended to treat at a time?

If the area of the tattoo you just treated starts bleeding slightly:


When using voltaic arcing, like any lasers for tattoo removal, the after-care is:


If three days after the treatment the scab has not formed yet:

If you want to use osmosis after electrical arcing, what type of sodium chloride can you use?

When advertising for tattoo removal using electrical arcing (also referred to as plasma) you should say:


In tattoo removal, if the area you treat is not easily subject to infections or does not present challenges in the after-care, why do you use osmosis after applying the electrical arcing?

Once the scab forms:

The first time I use electrical arcing for tattoo removal:

The intensity of the treatment, when using osmosis for tattoo removal is primarily dictated by:

When you apply fine sterile sodium chloride on the part of the tattoo you treated you should not:


Although we all refer to it as "tattoo removal", technically, each session, either with lasers or electrical arcing:

If the tattoo is placed on a part of the body which is subject to stretching or folding like elbows, knees, underarms or areas easily subject to infections like the groin area:

Soon after every treatment you should:

Is it true that tanning, artificial tanning lamps and tanning products must be avoided for at least 3 months before any tattoo removal treatment, including laser treatments?