Xanthelasma Removal

Welcome to your Xanthelasma Removal quiz. Thank you for taking time for the online tests. This will test your knowledge. You can download the certificates at the end of the test.

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Select the correct answer:



Select the most appropriate answers to the following statement: After xanthelasma removal using lasers, electrical arcing, appropriate peels like TCA :

Sometimes Xanthelasma can be rooted deeply in the skin. Select the most appropriate answers:

The likelihood of Xanthelasma recurrence is to do with the way you removed the Xanthelasma. Certain methods can lead to a higher likelihood of recurrence.
If you are good at it there are very little chances the Xanthelasma will recur in the future.

About the recovery or healing time:



Select the most appropriate answers about the likelihood of scarring after Xanthelasma Removal.

Which one is true?

After the scabbing process is over:



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