Brown Spots


Superficial brown spots may appear due to prolonged sun exposure without appropriate sun protection. It often appears in people over 40 years of age. Brown/Sun Spots usually disappear after superficial peeling of the epidermis by using AC electrical arcing devices or other cosmetic peels. This is because brown spots are usually quite superficial and therefore a mild skin resurfacing treatment usually suffices in order to remove them.



How to remove Superficial Brown Spots using Voltaic arc


→ Apply the appropriate numbing product for your client’s maximum comfort.

→ Set the device at a minimum power level (level 1 with three batteries if you are using the BeautyTeck). Gently spray the brown spot and wipe off the carbon residues. Usually, one gentle spray motion will suffice to remove the superficial pigments of the brown spot.

→ If superficial brown spots are left untreated the pigments of the brown spots move deeper into the skin over time becoming eventually Age Spots. Age spots are usually found in clients over 60 years of age.

→ It should be noted that age spots are not going to disappear using a superficial ablation. It is highly recommended not to try and remove age spots within one session as this will require a deeper ablation that could later develop into scarring. Instead, it is recommended to perform 2 to 3 superficial treatment spread 4 weeks apart from each other and let the part recover between treatments for at least 4 weeks.

→ Remind the importance of the aftercare to your clients.


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