VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Upper and Lower Eyelid and Jowl Line Case Study

Upper and Lower Eyelid and Jowl Line Case Study

This procedure was carried out in July 2018. The outcome of this particular case study is quite different and unexpected because 30 days after the treatment the subject complained about the right eye being smaller than the left eye. The subject was 65 years old at the time of the treatment.

In this video will, you will see the entire treatment, a short summary of the healing progression and the results. You can limit yourself to watching the video, however, if you want to learn more about the healing progression and results, all the information is presented later in this case study.


In particular, the video shows you: The Before and After Pictures Comparison, The Before Pictures taken just before the treatment, Pictures taken during the Treatment, Pictures Taken Immediately After the Treatment, The healing progression summary and The entire procedure.

This procedure was carried out in July 2018. The before pictures are shown in this case study were all taken just before carrying out the treatment, The subject was 65 year old at the time of the treatment, the device used was the beautyteck device with three battery configuration. The subject's skin was normal and aged, It was a low intensity treatment procedure.

Picture taken during the procedure

A cream based numbing product (F&E Plus) was used, with active ingredients: 6% Lidocaine and 4% Prilocaine. The procedure was fantastic, quick and no pain was felt by the subject during the procedure.


More Pictures

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More Pictures

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The healing progression of this case study was really fast, It took about five day for the treated area to be completely healed. The scabs fell of almost completely on the third day and the area had already healed completely on the fifth day. The fast recovery and healing of the treated area can be due to a very good aftercare and a very positive reaction of the skin to the particular procedure. Remember that the intensity of this particular treatment was low, the outcome however was not so promising.


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The outcome of this particular treatment was not exactly promising, That is why its advised not to promise super excellent results after one session. For this subject the right eyebrow was a lot smaller that the left eyebrow, The subject had to undergo microblading to the right brow to make it more in line with the left. Also there was no much improvement on the jowl lines seeing as the treatment was a low intensity treatment.

Here's what the subject had to say:

This particular subject's aftercare was pretty much straight forward. The subject used "ICE PACKS" to cool the swelling of the treated area, the treated area was also washed regularly, She also used Silbecor. Silbecor is an anti-bacteria aftercare cream based product mostly used for aesthetic treatments.