VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD How to Gain Confidence with Plasma Devices.

How to Gain Confidence with Plasma Devices.

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This is a frequently asked question posed by those who have never had the opportunity to try one of these devices and have not gone through our online training Platform. In most cases this lack of initial confidence is mainly related to the lack of knowledge and experience in connection with these types of treatments. This is one of the reasons for us to create the online training platform, a website which explores in detail all the nuances and details of each particular treatment possible with Voltaic Arcing devices.

Hence, studying the information on this website alone (which is also designed to help aesthetic practitioners acquire the knowledge required to perform all these types aesthetic  procedures) will boost your confidence though the vast amount of information at your disposal about the use of plasma devices for aesthetic purposes.

From a practical point of view, once you have acquired a certain degree of basic knowledge about these types of aesthetic treatments and tried the voltaic plasma devices on a "test meat", usually people will acquire enough confidence which will help them get over the psychological stumbling block: "I am scared to try on a person, where do I start from?".

The online training platform will also take you by the hand and provide you with the basic knowledge you require in order to start using the device on your customers for the first time (e.g. for upper eyelid tightening we have a specialised webpage taking you by the hand, showing you how to start using voltaic plasma for the first time and how to increase the treatment intensity while providing a number of practical examples for you to learn from prior to stating these type of aesthetic tr  specialised advanced knowledge of each type of treatment so that you can acquire it in your own time and  which can be carried out with these devices.

Help you will be able understand how easy it is for you to practically perform the treatments you are looking to perform. This is an easy stumbling block to get over on your own. With some knowledge and some practical experience this website will help you perform the right exercise so that you will naturally acquire the confidence you need in order to perform these types of devices.

In general confidence is gained by acquiring knowledge and practice using the device.

Knowledge on its own is not sufficient to carry our all t  aesthetic procedure with confidence, a certain degree of practice is required in order to gain actual confidence.

The knowledge required to acquire expertise in all procedure is rather extensive due to the vast array of applications Voltaic plasma has in aesthetics. Because of this it takes a while to learn all the basic knowledge in order o perform all the types of aesthetic treatments you would like to perform, therefore patience is required and you can learn one type of aesthetic treatment at a time, master it and carry on to master it and move to the other as you require it. Remember the investment in your knowledge will pay great dividend down the line and it is always worth while. However couple your study of eac type of procedure with the required type of  practice required ie "test meat" which is the first practical practice requirement before using the plasma device at all.

This is an important practice because it will teach you how to generate the arc in confidence and also the abletive properties of Voltaic arcing in general. Therefore this a proctical excercise which should not be skipped.

What you will notice as you advance your theoritical knowledge in the use of plasma devices and the practical exercises, you will automatically gain the confidence you require in the use of these devices for aesthetic uses. Little by little with further study and further practical hands  on experience on your degree of confidence will increase, to eventual mastery, however this will require a certain time period and it should not be rushed, the spread of learning will depend on each individual and.

Please bear in mind that no one day "training course" can be substitute to the investment you make in learning the theory regarding each treatment. Plasma is on the few technologies in Aesthetics which allows you to have much vast array of applications in aesthetics. Therefore the knowledge required for complete mastery is very large. This is the reason for us to continuously publishing new information about these procedure and making them accessible to the public.

The main problem we will solve here is, how to gain confidence with the use of Voltaic plasma devices for aesthetic uses the first time around on your own, this is a common problem we will give you a practical step by step solution to in this web-page.

In order to familiarise with the hands on use of these units:

  1. Read the instruction manual of the relative device you intend to use.
  2. Practise on the test meat. This is safe way to gain hands on confidence in generating the arc on when you have not done it before.
  3. If you are using any of our devices, use our online training platform where there is free information on the. Please remember that the most added value resides with you, the aesthetic practitioner.
  4. Take the online tests pertaining the type of treatment you would like to carry out..
  5. Start performing easy treatments like plasma eyelid tightening. Do not attempt to perform all the treatments possible with the plasma device just because it is possible, take your time to learn and as you gain experience little by little you will be able to master all the treatments.
  6. If you have any question ask your respective manufacturer.

To Summarise in order to gain confidence with the use of plasma devices for aesthetic uses is a process of learning the knowledge required, and the reference experience.

The knowledge required takes a while to acquire, the more knowledge you acquire the more confident you will be with the use of these devices.

However knowledge along is not enough you need reference experience of using the device first hand and see the results for yourself. The videos online will provide some reference experience but they will not be as good as using the device yourself. The more you use the device and see each result the more confident you will grow over time.

However the main stumbling block is using the device on people for the first time.The contentof this page is designed for you to build up the initial confidence in the use of plasma devices for aesthetic uses for the first times. As you little by little see the results, you will then find yourself automatically drawn to acquire more information about each procedure and you will progress slowly to mastery as you acquire more and more knowledge.