Miniface lift

Previous knowledge required, Skin tightening using electrical arcing.

Apply the normal pretreatment routine before carrying out this aesthetic treatment.

The main principle applied to mini face lift using electrical arcing or Plasma is localised skin tightening. Use skin tightening between the lines and do not apply the voltaic arc on the lines themselves. Mini-facelift by using electrical arcing (or plasma) is usually carried out by applying the skin tightening where the skin would be pulled during a normal face lift procedure, which is close to the ear as shown in the video above. Also if you prefer you can apply the voltaic arc spots on to the entire face and this has lead to very good results. However for the sake of this section we will focus the treatment on the classic areas of a normal face lift.


It is important not to manage the client expectations for this type of procedure because the improvements will only be minor and cannot be compared to the dramatic results achieved with surgery. However since, the localised skin tightening effects of electrical arcing are cumulative, repeating the treatments a number of times will lead to good results.


The incision during a standard facelift surgical procedure is carried out along the hair line and around the ear to achieve the desired pulling effect. While using electrical arcing the voltaic spots are applied close to the ear to reproduce a similar “pulling” effect.

Although in the examples in the videos you can see how high-intensity treatments are usually carried out to perform mini-facelift using electrical arcing, when you first use electrical arcing devices for this type of treatment it is highly recommended you use low intensity treatments.

The first time you use electrical arcing for mini-facelift, if you are using one of our electrical arcing devices, set it at the minimum power level. Apply the spots distancing them 2 to 3 mm apart and use an instantaneous spot duration (approximately one-quarter of a second). As you gain experience you can then progressively increase the intensity treatment by decreasing the distance between the spots.

Sometimes scabs form two to three days after the treatment. Let the scabs fall off by themselves. You can repeat the treatment at 4 to 6 weeks intervals.

Remind the importance of the aftercare to your clients.