Crow’s feet

Previous knowledge on Skin tightening using electrical arcing required. One of the several applications of skin tightening using electrical arcing or fibroblast is crow’s feet attenuation.

It is important to differentiate this type of treatment from the effects of botox. Botox is the preferred way to attenuate the crows feet by simply relaxing the periorbital muscles, therefore, preventing the formation of these wrinkles while smiling or making other facial expressions. In case of crow's feet attenuation using electrical arcing the effect is a minor improvement in the appearance of wrinkles while the muscles are relaxed. Therefore the effects will be visible while the muscles are relaxed. This treatment can be also combined with Botox, however, any Botox treatment must be carried out at least 40 days away from the last crow's feet attenuation using electrical arcing. crows_feet
Apply the normal pretreatment routine before carrying out the aesthetic treatment. Use skin tightening between the lines and do not apply the voltaic arc on the lines themselves.
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The black spots represent where we would place the voltaic spots in order to accomplish the skin tightening on the crows' feet.

When you first start this type of aesthetic treatment if you use one of our devices,  set it at minimum power and apply very short bursts lasting approximately one-quarter of a second (if you are using the spot mode). The distance between the spots must be approximately 2 to 3 mm.
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Another example of where the voltaic spots would be placed in a low-intensity treatment. The spots are always applied randomly. In this example, you can see how lower eyelid tightening can be naturally integrated as part of the aesthetic treatment.

Unlike upper eyelid tightening this particular application of skin tightening does not cause the pronounced swelling characteristic of eyelid tightening. Therefore the use of a soothing product is not recommenced. Remember not to remove the carbon residues intentionally by wiping them off during the procedure.
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The voltaic spots are applied randomly between the lines and never inside the wrinkles themselves.

Sometimes scabs form two to three days after the treatment. Let the scabs fall off by themselves.  You can repeat the treatment at 4 to 6 weeks intervals. Remind the importance of the aftercare to your clients.

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