VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Eyelid Tightening and Atrophic Scar Case Study

Eyelid Tightening and Atrophic Scar Case Study

This procedure was carried out in July 2018. The subject was 45 years old at the time of the treatment, It was a low – medium intensity treatment.



  • The Client was 45 years old at the time of the treatment, and Undergone two treatments, Eyelid Tightening and Atrophic Scar Removal
  • The device used was the BeautyTeck used in three battery configuration.
  • It was a Low - Medium Intensity Treatment. The subject is also of skin type 3.
  • A cream based numbing product (F&E Plus) was used with active ingredients: 6% Lidocaine and 4% Prilocaine. The procedure went smoothly.
Pictures before the treatment was carried out.

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The Spot Operation was used for this particular procedure

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According to the subject scabbing around the treated area occurred the next day, Although the subject had already undergone this kind of treatment before. This particular treatment's healing progression was a lot smooth and quicker than the first treatment.

The subject used several enzymes and anti-bacterial creams prescribed by her dermatologist around the treated area, This actually helped during the healing process

Pain, discomfort, scabbing are all normal reactions to eyelid tightening. Generally, they are all to be expected, however in this case, the pain level was relatively low, no intense itching occurred, which made the healing period a lot faster than other cases.

A reddish formation around the treated area. This is perfectly normal.

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Scabs developed around the treated area the next day after the treatment
Reddish formation due to the development of the scab
More Scabs settlement around the area
Scabs gradually falling off
More Scabs falling off, Healing in Progress
Scabs fallen off completely, Smooth healing in progress
The area is almost healed completely, there is still some reddish formation, This is perfectly normal since the scabs just recently fell off.
The Treated area is completely healed

The subject used prescribed enzymes, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory products by her dermatologist.