VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Plasma upper eyelid tightening case study – 1

Plasma upper eyelid tightening case study – 1

Plasma Upper Eyelid Tightening Case Study.

Upper eyelid tightening before and after for publication 3

Plasma Upper Eyelid tightening results after one session Only. The after picture was taken 8 days after the aesthetic treatment.

The following video provides you with a quick overview of the case study on plasma upper eyelid presented in this web-page.

The video shows you:

  • The before and after and a comparison of both right and left eyelids
  • The healing progression
  • The video showing how this aesthetic procedure was carried out.

If you would like to view the fast forwarded version please click here.

If the video above was of interest and you would like to find out more about this case study, then you can further explore the content of this web-page which shows more details about this specific treatment and provides more information about the results.

The overall intensity of the treatment  presented is medium/high. As we have seen previously, the overall treatment intensity,  using the spot mode or operation, is not only determined by the specific power level of the plasma device. The power level of the device is only one of the parameters witch determines the overall treatment intensity.

In the case study presented, the setting of the device used is BeautyTeck level 8 with 3 battery configuration. As you can see from the video showing the treatment the spacing between the spots is between 1 to 2 mm. The duration of the arcing is approximately a quarter of a second. The area covered is the majority of the upper eyelid area and part of the lower eyelid.

The subject of this case study was 44 years of age at the time of the treatment. The amount of excess skin on the upper eyelid was relatively minor.

This person was a very good candidate for voltaic plasma eyelid treatment due to the relatively little loose skin on the upper eyelid. The case also presented very fine lines on the lower eyelid, therefore lower eyelid tightening was carried out as well in order to improve the appearance of the fine lines on the lower periorbital area (lower eyelids).


Right upper and lower eyelid. Minor excess skin on the upper eyelid.


Close-up of the right upper and lower eyelid. The slight excess skin on the upper eyelid is noticeable. Fine expression lines are also present on the lower eyelid area.

This is a classic example where the subject, would not have undergone any surgery (blepharoplasty) because this would have been too invasive in order to only achieve a minor improvement. In this case, it is envisaged that only one or two treatments using voltaic plasma, would suffice to tighten the area to the client satisfaction.

As shown below the left eyelid had the symmetrical issue as the right eyelid.

for comparison left eye1

Left upper and lower eyelid.

for comparison left eye

Close-up of the left eyelid. The slight excess skin is noticeable.

As seen in the pictures of both left and right eyelids although the slight excess skin on the eyelid is noticeable, this is very minor, therefore surgical intervention in this case would hardly be justifiable, because the improvement required would be too minor and the risks and downtime associated with a blepharoplasty would be unfavourable.

On the other hand, plasma eyelid skin tightening delivers the minor improvement which are suitable in these type of cases where the excess skin is only minor. More generally, the slight improvement  achieved with Plasma Eyelid tightening is a good option, where only a minor amount of localised skin tightening following the procedure would achieve the desired effect.

As we have discussed throughout this website the expected result is a minor localised tightening, however these results are cumulative. This means that repeating these aesthetic treatments at certain intervals can achieve very good results, even when the loose area to be tightened is relatively extended.

upper and lower right eyelid before and after for publication (2)

Right eye, before and 8 days after the treatment.

Upper Left Plasma Eyelid tightening for publication

Left eye, before and 8 days after the treatment.

Neither ice packs were applied nor any soothing product were applied immediately after the treatment. This was done in order to show how the natural healing process takes care the healing without the help of any products and drugs of any type.

In this case the subject was purposely instructed not to use any antiseptic of any type, no creams , no make-up nor creams or product of any types. Only the use of a neutral mild soap was recommended. However a soar and antiseptic agent were used twice daily during the healing period.

The discomfort hits the subject a few minutes after the treatment is finished and it peaks during the first night following the treatment and the morning following the aesthetic treatment. The pain and discomfort start to subside during the first day following the treatment. Usually the second night following the treatment is much more bearable than the first night.

The main healing lasted 5 to 6 days. In this case the swelling lasted three days as seen in the photos. The fourth day no sign of swelling was present.  As it is common the swelling peaked the morning following the treatment. It then subsiding without the use of any products or ice packs.

day 1

The day following the voltaic plasma treatment. Swelling present on the upper eyelids. Please note that the swelling can be minimised but never completely avoided due to the very nature of the treatment. The morning after the treatment is when the swelling tends to peak. Some people may find it hard to open their eyes the morning following the treatment.

day 2

2 Days after the treatment. The swelling has subsided considerably, however still present. Some level of discomfort is still present but has subsided noticeably if compared to that experienced the day following the treatment. However some degree of discomfort is still present.


Four days after the treatment. All the swelling has usually subsided and the scabs have fully formed. Please note that the scabs may not form in all instances.

left eye day 4

Detail of the left eye four days after the aesthetic treatment using voltaic plasma. all swelling has subsided and all scabs have fully formed.

day 5

5 Days after the treatment. The Scabs are still present and they have started to fall off on their own.

both eyes

6 days after the treatment there are very few residual scabs left.

day 7

7 Days after the voltaic plasma treatment. No sign of the scabs.

both eyes day 8

8 days after the voltaic plasma treatment. The area treated is still red, however the redness will slowly subside over time. The area is still subject to minor improvements over at least 6 weeks following the treatment.

Please bear in mind that all the after pictures were provided by the subject herself up to the 8th day after the treatment. The area is subject to change over the 8 weeks following the treatment.

It is during this long term healing, while the area is still red, that the hyper-pigmentation could develop. Once the skin texture has returned to normal two to three months following the treatment, then the likelihood of hyper-pigmentation decreases dramatically.

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