• Keep clear legible notes of the way you have conducted the treatment. It is strongly recommended to Video Record every treatment you carry out. Take plenty of before pictures and keep video and photographic evidence electronically for your record. It is recommended to store this information for at least 10 years. In the UK, current legislation states that any claim against any treatment you or your business have carried out will be liable to claims for 6 years after the last treatment.
  • Always have a consent form signed by the client, which has also been checked by your lawyers or insurer before you start any treatments including patch testing.
  • First patch test the client on a small area below the chin to understand the skin reaction to the cosmetic treatment. Let the area recover over a 2 weeks’ period. After it has been established that there had not been any hyperpigmentation, hipopigmentation, keloids formation or any undesired effects, the user can go ahead and perform the full cosmetic treatment, go visit