VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Golden online training Presentation.

Golden online training Presentation.

Online Golden Training

Here you can find all pages related to the online training conducted online every month. In these presentations, the principle is discussed with examples, visuals and question-answer session. You can click on the link, next to the presentation you would like to see to take you to the respective page.

You can see the presentations videos, take tests and download the presentations for your use.

-April 2018

* The difference in Light emitting devices and Plasma – Click Here

* Plasma and claims of unique capabilities – Click Here

* Tattoo removal and colour sensitivity – Click Here

-May 2018

* What is Keloids? – Click Here

* How to use other plasma devices? – Click Here

-June 2018

* Mole removal with Case Studies – Click Here

* Plasma Lower Eyelid Tightening Case Study – Click Here

-July 2018

* BeautyTeck Device and Its Technical Specifications – Click Here

* Tattoo Removal – Click Here

* Tattoo Removal Case Study – Click Here

– August 2018

* Aftercare, Plasma Applications, Tattoo Removal
and Mole Removal – Click Here

– September 2018

* Skin Tightening, Localized Skin Tightening, BeautyTeck Protocols and Avoiding Mistakes using Plasma – Click Here