VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Lower eyelid tightening case study

Lower eyelid tightening case study

This is an example of lower eyelid stretching. This particular client underwent a stretch of the upper eyelid using voltaic plasma the day before the lower eyelid stretch treatment, described on this page. therefore, the redness and slight swelling of the upper eyelid, in the previous image, are due to the previous previous treatment of smooth eyelid lift with plasma.

Image before and after the right lower eyelid stretch treatment.

The video showing how the procedure was carried out. You will gain an appreciation of the entire content of this page and what type of intensity treatment was carried out and how.

Below you can watch the video summarising the content in this web page. The video will show you in a few minutes:

  • the before and after of each eye,
  • the healing progression over the period of 7 days
  • How the procedure was carried out, all the interruptions have been edited out.

You can limit yourself to watching the video in its entirety to have an overall appreciation of the content of this page. The video only lasts less than 10 minutes.

If you want to watch the fast forwarded version please click here.

The intensity used  in this particular treatment is relatively high. The device setting ranged between 10 to 12. Also as you can see the duration of the spots is relatively brief (a quarter of a second to half a second). Also the distancing between the spots is between 1 to 2 mm maximum. The spots were applied as usual between the expression lines (wrinkles) and not inside them . In this case, the aesthetic practitioner (Andreas Russo MD of Areton Ltd as 2016), made sure the whole area was covered in order to achieve optimal results within the only session. Please note that the treatment can be repeated and leading to further appreciable improvement in the appearance of the lower periorbital lines.

In this case, the numbing product used was a 10% lidocain based cream . This numbing product was applied using occlusion for 45 minutes. The area was not completely numb and therefore particular attention had to be paid to the pain experienced by the client.

The use of a stronger professional topical numbing product is always recommended whenever possible. Topical numbing products containing: Lidocaine 20%, Prilocaine 5%, Tetracaine 5%. are very effective in numbing the area even without occlusion and the client does not usually experience any significant pain or discomfort during the treatment. Those who underwent these types of aesthetic procedures using this type of numbing product, reported that they still feel the zapping of the voltaic arcing bursts, however no pain or discomfort are felt during the treatment.

It is important that the client is at ease during the aesthetic treatment. Please bear in mind that it is still possible to carry out most of these types of treatment s without any numbing product, however this can make the experience of the treatment quite unpleasant. additionally in case the client is experiencing a high level of discomfort the treatment can last a lot longer, it bay become impractical to  carry out the treatment at the full extent you would like.

It is recommendable to use the strongest professional numbing product possible, in order to allow

  • Ease and speed of operation.
  • Allow the treatment to be carried out at its full potential. In case the client experiences too much discomfort or pain, carrying out the procedure at the intensity you deem suitable for the particular case may become impractical. For example, in case the customer is particularly sensitive and the numbing product is not as effective, you may find that certain power levels cannot be practically used.  For example if the customer is particularly sensitive, the lowest power levels may be tolerable while the higher power levels which you might use instead, may become not tolerable.

Therefore ensuring that the customer does not experience any pain or discomfort is very important this is done by using numbing products in the appropriate way. This is very important because it will have a repercussion on the way you will be able to work, the customer's experience and sometimes even the final results.

In the case presented the use of a stronger professional topical numbing product would have been more suitable as this would have allowed a faster operation.

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The lower periorbilal wrinkles are not caused by a smile or a facial expression at the time the pictures were taken. Although the client has a relaxed face in all the before pictures the lower periorbital wrinkles are easily visible.


Picture showing both eyelids. the mild swelling is present on the upper eyelids.


Further before frontal picture.


Detail of the left eye of the client. The lower eyelid wrinkles show while the face is completely relaxed. Easily treatable with voltaic plasma.


Right eye detail bore just before the treatment. The wrinkles are symmetrical. upper eyelid swelling due to the previous day's plasma eyelid tightening treatment. Relaxed face.


Further right eye detail bore just before the treatment. The wrinkles are symmetrical. upper eyelid swelling due to the previous day's plasma eyelid tightening treatment. Relaxed face.

The pictures seven days after undergoing the treatment submitted by the client who underwent this aesthetic treatment.

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All the pictures below were taken 7 days after the treatment by the client herself.

one week after1

Frontal after picture taken by the client herself.

One week after

Close-up frontal after picture taken by the client herself.

one week after2

Left eye after picture

one week after3

Right eye after picture.

You will learn what after-care was carried out during the healing period.

Day to day healing progression and after-care.

The healing period in this case is relatively short. It lasted 7 days. The healing period depends on the area treated but most importantly,  the after care.

Most of the adverse effects found after these types of aesthetic treatment seems to be associated to infections and the use of cosmetics during the treatment. For this reason in this case study the client was clearly instructed to avoid all use of cosmetics, creams, antibiotic creams, antiseptics etc.  This is because the use of such products have been shown to be the main contributor to delayed healing and various long term adverse effects. The client was instructed to only wash the area as normal, twice a day  with mild neutral soap.

It has been shown on a consistent basis that the simple use of mild neutral soap and water to cleanse the area had been enough to  ensure a good and fast healing. This is the advise formally given to this particular client. As shown in the daily pictures submitted by the client the healing was relatively smooth and lasted only one week.

Please bear in mind that even when the scabs have fallen off the area is normally  still for a while and red spots can appear where the voltaic spots were applied. In the case presented no red spots were reported. Please bear in mind that while the area is still red it usually feels slightly tender to the touch. This is when the use of total sun protection is advisable.

About the healing progression, please click on the link to jump to the relevant pictures:


Day one

Day one

This picture shows how the area treated looks like one day after the treatment.

Day one1

Right eye detail. The scabs ave not formed yet. The area treated is still red and slightly swollen as expected.

day one2

Detail of the left eye. like the right eye the area is red and slightly swollen. The voltaic arcing spots are clearly visible.

day one3

Further right eye detail.


Day 2

Day two

The area is still red but the redness has subsided slightly. The swelling has almost gone.

Day two1

Detail of the left eye. The area is less red than the day prior. Milder swelling present than the previous day.

day two2

Detail of the right eye. Are still red but the redness has improved as expected.

day two3

Further left eye detail form slightly different angle.

day two4

Further right eye detail form slightly different angle.Right eye


Day 3

day three

Overall improvement of the area is clearly noticeable.

day three1

Left eye detail.

day three2

Right eye detail.

day three3

Further left eye detail.

day three4

Left eye detail from slight different angle.


Day 4

day four

Frontal picture shows further improvement, the swelling has subsided.

day four1

Detail of the left eye.

day four2

Right eye detail.

day four3

Left eye detail close-up.


Day 5

day five

Frontal picture. Almost no sign of the treatment is appreciable.

day five1

Left side of the face.

day five2

Right side of the face.

day five3

Further left eye close-up.

day five4

Right eye close-up.