VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Eyelid Tightening

Eyelid Tightening

[:en]Eyelid tightening by using AC voltaic arc is very easy to perform. The device should be calibrated to operate at very low power for ease of operation.



The upper and lower eyelid area are generally particularly sensitive. Therefore it is important to numb the area properly before proceeding. Some people can undergo the procedure without anesthetic however it is highly recommendable to always numb the area properly before starting the skin tighening in this area.

First of all disinfect the area to be treated by using the non-alcohol-based antiseptic or more generally non-flammable antiseptics. Then apply appropriate topical anaesthetic. When applying the numbing cream monitor that the anaesthetic does not get in contact with the eyes. For this reason it is advisable to instruct the client to keep their eyes closed at all time while themumbing cream is on.


Using AC Electrical arc for Eyelid Tightening

When you are satisfied that the area is sufficiently desensitized, (20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the numbing cream used) you can proceed. Start using the the lowest power setting wich allows you to generate the voltaic spark. This will serve to determine the client’s threshold tolerance to the plasma generated at the tip of the electrode.

The main points to take into consideration when learning how to apply voltaic arc for eyelid tightening are:

  • Power Level
  • Timing of the arc
  • Spacing between each spot applied


Power Level

Throughout our experience in using Voltaic Arc for eyelid tightening or skin tightening in general, it was found that there is little correlation between the intensity of the arc and the final results. For this reason it is advisable to utilise very low intensity arcing not only for eyelid tightening but also for skin tightening in general. Therefore it is strongly advisable to use the lowest power settings when you first start out performing eyelid tightening.



The timing of the fulguration at each spot also influences the outcome of the procedure. The longer the spark is applied at each spot the more the skin reduction effects of the procedure. The shorter the discharge the milder the effect of the treatment. We encourage the users to start applying the controlled electric discharge approximately for a quarter of a second when they begin and increase to approximately half a second as they have gained more experience with the results of the procedure.



The further apart ablative spot from one another the lower the stimulation of the fibreblasts and therefore the lower the skin reduction effects. Conversely the tighter the spots the better the sink reduction effects.



When first starting using voltaic arc for non eyelid tightening it is recommendable to:

  • Use the lowest power setting (check the manual)
  • Fulgurate each spot for approximately a quarter of a second
  • Apply each spot approximately 3 mm apart

If you do find that  you apply each spot for slightly longer than a quarter of a second or you deviated from the general guideline it will be ok since the above parameters are very conservative.

Please bear in mind that it is important to apply each point randomly and avoid to ablate in a straight line. The random approach will ensure that the skin tightening will be uniform throughout the upper and lower eyelids.


After Care

Instruct the customer to apply antiseptic cream twice a day. The area should heal in seven days after treatment. Mo make up (even Mineral makeup) should be applied for at least 10 days after treatment. Swelling of both upper and lower eyelids occur the day after the treamtment. it usually peaks the second to third day after and it disappears 5 to 6 days after the treatment.[:]