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Photo taken during the healing process after Plasma eyelid tightening procedure

In this page we will show you the procedure of Plasma Eyelid Tightening and crow feet attenuation , photos, healing process and the results.



Video Summary.

About the operation.

Photos from the first operation-2014.

Photos before the operation.

Healing process.

Photos taken after operation.

Comparison between before and after.

comparison between first and third operation .

Long term healing.

Video Summary

In this video we will show you third eyelid tightening treatment. You will be watching the entire healing process with small clip made daily after the treatment after the treatment. There are also detailed photos of healing after this video from with gap of 18 months after the treatment. This video shows the consequences of high intensity plasma treatment. Here high intensity was used in the upper eyelid area, which lead to redness over the span of 6 months after the treatment.

The upper eyelid show not be treated with higher intensity. This is just an example, what happens if high intensity treatment is done on upper eyelid area which is sensitive.

You can check for middle and low intensity treatment on this site.

The video shows you:

  • The before and after and a comparison of both right and left eyelids
  • The healing progression
  • The video showing how this aesthetic procedure was carried out.

We hope you enjoy this video and understand the eyelid tightening treatment.


You can watch the full video here.

If the video above was of interest and you would like to find out more about this case study, then you can further explore the content of this web-page which shows more details about this specific treatment and provides more information about the results.

 About the operation

As it already told that this was high intensity plasma eyelid tightening treatment. The intensity of the treatment depends upon the power level of the battery ( here 12-15 is used) with three battery configuration. There are several other factors that effect intensity. You can see from the video there is very less spacing between the spots placed in the area of upper eyelid and crow feet.

The subject of this case study was 34 years of age at the time of the first treatment and is 38, when the third treatment is done.  The amount of excess skin on the upper eyelid was relatively minor.

Below are detailed photos from the operation.

Photos from First operation ( July 2014)

Here you can see photos from the very first plasma eyelid treatment done in July of 2014. Normally, 4-6 treatment are encouraged based on the skin and age.

You can appreciate the difference in the results after the first and third treatment at the end of this case study.

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Photos before the operation

These are photo closeup of both the eyelids before the treatment.

In the upper eyelid area you can see signs of ageing. In this treatment high intensity was used in upper eyelid and crow feet. You can see the region of upper eyelid is really sensitive.

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Healing Process

These are photos from the healing process after the treatment. As high intensity plasma treatment was done,  you can witness redness in the treated area.

In the end of the video you may have seen small clips of daily healing progression. You can take advantage of both healing videos and photos.

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Photos taken after healing

These are recent photos after the treatment. It took around 18 months during to fully cure as high intensity was used. There was redness and laxity in the area.

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Comparison between Before and After the treatment

These are comparison of left and right eyelid from before and after treatment. You can clearly witness the removal of lines in the treated area. As it was high intensity a better result can be seen.

Comparison between First ( 2014) and Third (2018)  treatment results

Three plasma eyelid treatment where carried out through the span of 4 years (  2014-2018). At the time of first treatment the subject was 34 years of age. We know as the age progresses there are more possibility of ageing lines in the region of eyelids.

Here you will witness great difference in the results. This because high intensity treatment was done in the later experiment. Though it is painful but has good results. We encourage you to consult physician before taking a high intensity treatment.


Long Term Healing

During the long-term healing, the skin is still subject to redness, tenderness and it is still being remodelled. The remodelling lasts as long as the tenderness is still occurring. As you already know high intensity treatment was done in area of eyelid, it took 18 month for the region to heal properly.

Certain appropriate soothing or healing products can reduce the time required for the long-term healing process.

Plasma upper eyelid lift tightening remodelling during the long-term healing period.

An important aspect of the long-term healing process is the skin remodeling.

There is usually a clear change in the skin structure immediately after the scabs have fallen off. However the change at that point is evident but not permanent, the skin structure will change over the course of the long-term healing while the skin feels still tender. The following pictures are a demonstration of the remodelling happening over the course of a few hours after the scabs have fallen off.

The day after the scabs have fallen off completely the area is significantly red. Some results may be apparent already in most cases, however the area is still subject to change over the following hours and days.

After the scabs have fallen off (during the long-term healing) the change becomes significant and relatively rapid. In the picture below you can see the difference (in terms of tightening) a few hours later. However the area is still red.

day 6 after the treatment2

A few days after the scabs fell off after plasma eyelid lift treatment using the spray operation. The area is still red and still subject to remodelling. The area has tightened further compared to the picture taken immediately after the scabs had fallen off.

The area will be still subject to change over the course of the long-term healing. Once the tenderness is over the results can be regarded as virtually permanent.

Eyelids over one year after the last plasma upper eyelid lift procedure November 2016. This is the long-term result of the plasma procedure.

Please bear in mind that the skin is a live organ and subject to change over the long-term, therefore however slow the skin will change over the long period even after the long-term healing process is over. Once the desired results are achieved, the treatment can be repeated when required, usually several years later.

kin laxity during the long-term skin healing.

Skin laxity is a temporary adverse reaction to the plasma eyelid tightening treatment. Please note that  in all cases examined skin laxity has been a transient effect only observed during the long-term healing process while the area was still very tender. This transient effect has been observed only after high intensity treatments.



Upper eyelid laxity 3 weeks after a plasma high intensity upper eyelid tightening treatment.. This was a transient effect and it was part of the skin remodelling during the long-term healing. This effect has only been observed. after high intensity treatments and in all cases observed this was transient. Picture taken at the end of November 2016. The treatment was performed at the beginning of November 2016. Treatment date 7/11/2016


If skin laxity occurs, it starts to take place a few days after the scabs have fallen off on their own accord. In any case even if the laxity is taking place the skin tightening will still occur in the long-term. Skin laxity has subsided in all cases observed.


7 weeks after the treatment skin laxity has reduced dramatically, the area is still tender and redness can still be observed. 03/01/2017. Treatment date 7/11/2016

The skin laxity subsides over time as the long-term tightening takes place. Whenever observed, skin laxity has subsided within three months after the plasma upper eyelid lift treatment . Please note that the skin laxity may not take place in most cases of low/medium intensity plasma treatments .


14/01/2017 laxity reducing over time. Tightening taking place during he long-term healing.


Therefore, because high intensity plasma treatments lead to:

  • Extended periods of redness
  • Extended periods of tenderness
  • Skin laxity

temporary laxity after plasma high intensity treatments

it is advisable to carry out low/medium intensity treatments instead. If the plasma eyelid rejuvenation treatment is carried out at low medium intensity, the minor improvements maybe achieved without the need of going through extended periods of inflammation which can discourage people from undergoing further treatments.

Therefore even if you are an experienced practitioner in these types of procedures this is a further reason for always opting for a medium intensity treatment.

Thank you very much for going through the entire case study. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment below. You can also contact directly through whatsapp or call.


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