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Eyelids Tightening, Forehead Plasma Treatment


This procedure was carried out in July 2018. The subject was 41 years of age at the time of this treatment, the healing progression was quite long but the results were noticed.

The subject was 41 years of age at the time of this particular treatment, The purpose of the treatment is to reduce some of the excess skin around the Eyelids, and Mouth, also scar on the forehead, and resurface the targeted parts. The Subject is of normal skin texture, the intensity of the treatment is a medium - high intensity treatment using the beautyteck device with a three battery configuration. The spot mode operation was used for this particular treatment around all areas. A cream based numbing product was used for this particular treatment. The procedure was not too intense for the subject to handle, during the course of the treatment the subject would complain of a slight pain around some of the areas including the forehead and upper and lower eyelids.

The scabbing took about 7 days to completely fall off, In this case the healing progression was quite slow despite the good aftercare practice the subject followed. This is perfectly normal for most cases, in other cases subject may experience a situation were the scabs might take longer to fall off completely may from 7 to 14 days or even longer, most situation using quality aftercare products can speed up proper healing and make the scabs fall of quicker. During the first week the skin has hot and reddish. The scabs were formed on the second day after the treatment and fell off almost completely on the 8th day after the treatment, In this case study we would be showing you before and after pictures, pictures of the healing progression and the before and after comparison.


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The subject used V&D cream for 4 days. After no other cream was used till days 7 after then she used Light sunblock. The subject's aftercare was quite simple, she could have chosen to use other aftercare products to speed up healing and boost the healing progression but she chose not to. There are various great aftercare product that can help advance and boost healing and also prevent bacteria and other infections.