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Full Face Plasma Pen Treatment


This procedure was carried out in July 2018. The subject was 35 years old at the time of the treatment. The Subject undergone the full face plasma pen treatment.

The subject was 35 years old at the time of the procedure. The subject had a fake skin type. A cream based numbing product (F&E Plus) was used, with active ingredients: 6% Lidocaine and 4% Prilocaine. The procedure was a bit sensitive on the first day of the treatment subsided after a few hours.


During the treatment the subject experienced a very little slight sting around the left chick, this was nothing serious seeing as the device power level was low. Lower power levels can only indicate that the treatment was minor and of low intensity.


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In this particular treatment, The technique that was used was the spot operation on the fore-head and the left and right sides of the chick. The device used was the BeautyTeck used in three battery configuration, lower power level was used here. The purpose of this treatment was to remove the lines just around the fore-head and both the left and right chicks. The intensity of the treatment was a bit sore but not much was removed as the subject did not have too many lines.


Scabbing occurred 3 days after the treatment and fell off almost completely on the 6th day after the treatment. This is really good because it took less time for scabbing to occur and less time for the scabs to fall off completely.


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Day 1 after the treatment, the areas are still fresh and undergoing healing
Scabbing around the treated areas

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Scabs falling off gradually
Scabs have almost completely fallen off

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The subject used an anti-bacteria skin care cream which was perfect for the aftercare of the particular procedure, Although the treatment was not particularly high-intensity, but most clients would prefer to use several cream-based aftercare product to boost healing, make the scabs fall off faster and smoothly, prevent bacteria and other infections. This is perfectly normal for most cases.