VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Hypertrophic Scar Attenuation

Hypertrophic Scar Attenuation

[:en]This is one of the easiest and safe applications of Voltaic arc Generators for aesthetic uses.

Apply numbing cream on the hypertrophic scar. For big scars, the best anaesthetic is injectable Lidocain which can only be subministered by a medical practitioner. This is because topical anaesthetics are not very effective in numbing the inner part of the scar.

Start applying the spray technique on the hypetrophic scar starting from the top and work all the way down to level off the scar to level off with the surrounding skin. For particular big and large scars it may bes preferable to start ablating the scar by using the top power level. This is because this will speed up the work significantly.

The aim of the treatment is to level off the scar with the rest of the surrounding skin. Therefore you will have to stop the ablation only when the scar is completely level.

Therefore, when you are quite close to level the scar with the rest of the skin it is advisable to lower the power level of the device to improve accuracy.

Remember that in order to achieve the best cosmetic results the scar tissue left needs to be as level as possible. Therefore lowering the power level of the device will allow you to fine tune the ablation of the scar and make the treated part level with a high degree of accuracy.

Once finished instruct the client to avoid infection by disinfecting twice a day using antiseptic cream until the scab has formed. The part should take 6 to 7 days to heal and the scab to form, therefore also instruct the client to avoid strenuous physical activities until the scab has formed.

Once the scab has fallen off the apply sun screen and avoid sunbathing for at least three months. Sunbathing even with use of total sun protection can result in hyper-pigmentation.[:]