General principles:

Remember we are focusing on adding practical information or products that will practically help people using plasma devices and the people who undergo the treatments too。

Also add more products options to the customers. This is aimed at adding a value proposition to the customers. This could also make Areton the only place where there will be the best selection and the best information online about plasma devices and all there is to know about these types of treatments.

Make the best versatile portable plasma device on the market.


Requsted topics

  • red veins
  • how many treatments are required for eyelid tighteing.
  • how often to repeat the treatments (depending on the treatment intensity)
  • Compare Surgery Vs Plasma Eyelid tightiening.

BAsicaly if you are thinking of plasma devices for aesthetic uses we are the best place to go to.

introducing the rental option for distributors. We make money on the needles.

the customers want good devices at good prices.

They ask for training.

They ask for support.

get automatic emails for our customers. Allotted time. One day.



Add low less expensive products on the market. The idea is to provide several options to the clients so that they will be incentivised to look at our wesites, this vvery likely will have the effect of increase the business volume and profits.

Add the Electrconic consent form for our customers on our website. Make an instruction video and and instruction standard webpage. One day to complete the porject and send the standard email to promote it.


Make a video on why the dots have to be placed outside the wrinckes and not inside. A customer in Brasil was taught to place them inside the wrinkles.

Make a video for people who lack the confidence to start, give practical advise on how to start and encourage them to loook at the website., and call us if they have any questions or feel they are scared of trying something.

make a video comparing the different device on the market.

Add a page explaining how to use plasma devices in general safely for aesthetic applications. Use a lot of common sense. This will rpovide the basis to add more devides on to the market.

Make a webpage on the website on each individueal device,. Names Areton Plasma 2, Areton Plasma 3, Areton Plasma 5 .. estc depending on the characteriesitcs. Make the tchnical specifications public of eac unit and make a comparison tecical specifcation table.

Design an electronic consent form for all the clients to use and protect themselves. The objective is to inform the clinets as well as efectivelu as possible on the possible outcomes. Also present real examples of what to expect from the treatment. Make it so that they are encouraged to send the pictutes and agree to publish them fee of charge. If done well this can be another service which we can provide free of chanrge (or at a subscription) to all out cusinmers. Everything has to be in electronic format online. Also include the after care electronically too.

Look at how I can legally use other peoples pictures and videos on my online traning platform. Use other peopls’ work will speed up the growth of the Voltaic plasma training platform very quickly and with very little effort. Use the same terms and conditions as google and facebook for protection.

Make the teo case studies on tattoo removal using plasma.

make the care study on the very first mole removal.

Anular anaesthsia

Begin with making the graphs about the heat propagation inside the skin after plasam. Also maj=ke a clear picture showing how different time of arc application have different ablation effects, then relate this to the video as a proof. Re late the heat of the skin to skin tightening, relating it to burns (contractures), laser treatmetns etc and make it very logical (these are the basics of localised skin tightening using the spot operation, very important). Once the real why the spot operation works well in localised skin tightening go and explain indetatil idiod prrof the low intensity treatment, medium intensity treatment and huigh intensity treatments. Estimated time to do all this in videos webpages and presentations 4 weeks.

Make a page comparing the swelling of plasma eyelid tightening with blefs and demstrate how in case of a lot of skin to be removed it may be not a good idea to substitute it with plasma eyelid tightening.




Explain why there are no no gasses in the unit.

Graph about swelling/Upper and lower Eyelid

Graph about pain during the short term healing.

Make a video showing clearly the sytem and the difference in power levels, including battery configuration.

Graph about laxity during long term healing. Laxity is negative. Y axis plus is tightening minus is laxity.




Get into the physics of localised skin tiughtening in terms of skin burns and contractures. Compare it with the heating effects of lasers and heat in general inducing skin tithghtening.

Picture explaining the heat propagation inside the skin in the spot operation and the stpray operation

Presentation on the physics of plasma ablation and heat propagation.

age and presentaiton about the hyperpigentation after plasma treatments. Explain tropical and subtropical risks on maps. also uv light at high altitudes. basically explain in what regions of the world the likelihhod increases.


Talk about why excsion is always advisable and not electrical arcing or laser removal if the mole is suspect. Proff destruction etc.


Study anout hyperpigmentation after plasma eyelid tightening and localised skin tightening

More detailed idiot proof explanation of plasma eyeluid tightening intensity of the treatment.

Main dos and donts in performing the proocedure to minimise the occurrence of adverse reaction ie Scarring, long term redness,


Make a commentary page and video on the technique used to marked electriocal arcing

Make a page and video on why people refer to it as a blepharoplasty

Explanation about the immediate tightening of the treatment and why it is used for advertising and the relevance about the long term results.


Work out a way to make the use of the devicevery easy to learn trhough videos and instructions and pictures ont he website. Not only stupid prrof but also people must be very confident at the use of the device by using the training platform information. this is because i keep getting people wanting to have the one to one traning.

Do the first integrated presentation on a screen for the future presentations.

People advertise using the immediate caronisation results.

start delegasting to interns accounts, the editing etc

Graph Laxiuty versus time duringthe long term healing.

make a page explaining how the burn leads to skin tightening.

Connect the pc with the Screen.


What is the differnece between plasma devices and electro fulguration devices.


If I dont like A situation I am in get out fast, do not care about the consequences. Get out it is better immediately and after in most cases anyway.

Live my life in my own terms, do not accept any external pressure into doing anything I am not convinced of.

Keep taking risks to pursue what I hink is good for me. Keep adding long lasting real value into the world in order to make money. Work only on those things I think are going to add as real value to others as possible. Ignore haters, filter them out. It is Good that some people detest me as long as I am not insulting them or treating them badly, if they have issues to the way I behave it is their problem and I will fight it full front battle. Keep putting strong emphasis on physical health.

Get a range of lower priced plasma devices. work to make these devices truly affordable.


How to increase the turnover within our sphere of competence.

Add new plasma products from china. project can be started and completed with a new website and some basic videos within a couple of months.

make the new model add an extraordinary value. on going work 2018

Keep improving the online training platform with more videos contact text etc. on going work.

Make new pages showing how the treatments were done and the results and what to learn from them.

make a page on how to avoid the hyper pigmentation.

visit customers and distributors to understand how we can help.

Add other peoples pictures and videos ans instructions…

Add extra cases studies on voltaic with the existing unpublished pictures which are only published on videos…

Visit potential new distributors and make treatments and presentations which are then going to be published online.

Improve the look and feel of the websites.

get someone to constantly update the website with new relevant articles.

Get someone to produce good videos.

invest in emplyyee contact cxreation.


Be the number one choice for:

Plasma training for aesthetic applications

the widest range of devices

the highest quality and added benefits for the price

the best portable device on the market.





The New device


needles shaping

plasma Anodico catodico

Normal plasma with variable output voltage and frequency

plasma and argon

Electrodessication for red veins

Programmavle Timed busrts of plasma

A conduit for the needle requested by MErcik

A digital waveform Generator which can create a number of waveforms.

Dermapen needling and electric current.

Trmporised electro dessiccation for red veins.

RF Frequency monopolar and bipolar.


Job Title

Content creator on word press, Video editor using Sony Vegas, and multi task desgner/admin.

We are looking to hire a remote admin worker. The person will have the following duties:

Morning from 8 to 12 local time

Edit one or two videos to be published on YouTube. We will provide the raw videos. The person will have to review the content on the videos and edit out, zoom in and out as necessary. This has to be done between 8 and 12 am. By 12 am the videos need to be sent for rendering. This allows time for the lounch break.

At 1pm The professional will publish the rendered videos on the YouTube channel and start working on the online content of (Publish new case studies, update information and make the website more user-friendly and look smarter.) (Update information and make the website more user-friendly and look smarter.) (Update information and make the website more user-friendly and look smarter.)

By 6 pm the person has to send the relevant links of work produced to the direct manager for review.

Making the Company books and the VAT Books to be submitted to the accountant

We look for passionate overachiever at their job.

Minimum weekly target:

  • 10 new videos.
  • 1 case study
  • One other task (ie improvement of one of the websites, or Books, etc)

The trial period is of 1 week. 120 GBP. The person can be located at their own home, no travel required Skype communication needed add “andreasitl”.[:]