VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Plasma and its effect on the depth

Plasma and its effect on the depth

[:en]In this video plasma and its effect on skin based on depth is covered during an online presentation session. People have a question about the effect of the plasma device on the skin.

Topic Covered

  1. The false claims by different plasma manufacturers to cause confusion.
  2. The concept behind the plasma arcing with the physics discovered.
  3. Effect of the arc on the different layers of the skin.
  4. Duration of arc

Duration of arc

The longer the arc applied the deeper the ablation of the arc. So the depth of treatment depends upon the duration of arc on the surface during treatment.Any arc, including the smallest, does get into the dermis or reaches the bone if applied long enough.

The auto extinguishing arc

The arc auto-extinguishes if you touch the skin. If you touch the skin using the tip the voltage will drop which extinguishes the arc.


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