VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Plasma Lower Eyelid Tightening Presentation

Plasma Lower Eyelid Tightening Presentation


Topics Covered

1. About the Procedure, the Subject and the peculiarity of this case study.
2. Treatment intensity and device power setting.
3. About the Numbing Product, Placing the spots.
4. The Healing Progression Summary.

About the Procedure, and the subject

The device used for this procedure was the BeautyTeck Device. This device has 32 power levels and two batteries configurations.

The subject is Asian and 37 years old at the time of the first treatment.

The results are as expected after this type of treatment. As we know, normally the scabs fall off a week after the procedure. This is the first and only case where the scabs have been present for over two weeks.


Treatment intensity and device power setting

For this treatment, the device was set at level eight (with three battery configuration), which is very strong for this type of treatment. Normally, when you first attempt this type of procedure, a very low-level power setting is recommended i.e. level one (three battery configuration).

The duration of the arc was very short, almost instantaneous.

The distance between the spots varied from a fraction of a millimeter to 2 millimeters depending on the area treated.

This is considered a medium-high intensity treatment.


About the Numbing Product and Placing the Spot

The numbing product used was a 20% lidocaine based cream.

During the procedure, the numbing product is removed in patches and not all at once. This is because the effect of the numbing product is brief therefore if removed all before the treatment by the time the aesthetic practitioner reaches the end of the treatment or before the end of the treatment the area can have lost desensitization.



The Healing Progression Summary

In this case, the subject did not use any makeup during the healing progression.  Instruct the customer to apply the antiseptic cream twice a day. The area should heal in few weeks ( 2-3 weeks generally)  after the treatment. No makeup (even Mineral makeup) should be applied until the scabs are fallen off. You have to avoid sun exposure first three months after the treatment. It usually peaks from the fourth to six-day after and it disappears 14 to 16 days after the treatment.

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