Have you found our free online training material useful? Have you compared it with any other paid for courses? Have you realized that it is the best there is out there and on top of it  is free?

Would you like to receive the best and most comprehensive training on Plasma for aesthetic applications the world over?

As you may already know we are the world undisputed leaders in plasma training. We have hundreds of real results published including the entire procedures on our YouTube channel. Every month, hundreds of professionals the world over use our training material in order to get the best training available there is. It is not that we just say it, look at all the information we have published on this website and our YouTube channel, you will find it very useful. This surpasses in terms of quantity and quality any other plasma training provider and it is free. The most prestigious training academies use our free online training and they use only a small fraction of our Free Course to train their students. Imagine the level of expertise you are going to get with our best material.

Now, if you think that what we offer for free is the best, imagine what you will get in our Exclusive online programme…..So imagine what level of expertise you could get with our Exclusive Online Training programme.

We have selected the best and most informative lectures we have given on plasma applications and included it in the exclusive training.

You have access to the full onsite training videos showing you the full procedures, with sound and we have selected the best view for you, so that you do not have to lean in to get the best view for yourself. You also see something you cannot see in the live training sessions, which is the healing progression and results. Now, not only can  you view the way the procedure was carried out but also you can see the healing progression and appreciate the real results without any marketing embellishment as other people do. In this way you have even a better experience than you would have had if you where in our live event.

What are the advantages versus a so called “training event” that other people charge you for:

  • Access to several hours (hundreds) of training videos. Versus the 2 or 3 hours of real time treatments
  • Access to a vast variety of treatments. From eyelid tightening Xanthelasma removal, Seborrheic Keratosis Removal, Tattoo Removal, Permanent Makeup Removal, General moles removal, Face skin tightening, Upper eyelid tightening, Lower eyelid tightening, Crows feet attenuation and much much more.   In a face to face training event you can only view 2 to 3 treatments at most.
  • You will view the healing progression and real results of each procedure. In a live event you cannot appreciate the healing progression and the final results.
  • Access to several hours of lectures on plasma for aesthetic applications, this is the combines results of several years of lecturing on these topics for you now available at your fingertips. On site you have access only to 2 to 3 hours of real lectures tops.
  • After any online lecture you have your online testing facility available to you so that you can get further certification from us. They are downloadable after you have passed the test.
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This course is available as an online (home study) course, onsite training course. Book this course if you wish to reserve a place at a later date or if you wish to sit the course online.


The plasma course is an intensive training course that you can work on at your own pace as the training manual is supplied on registration. once you feel confident with the material you can take the online self-assessment exams to test your knowledge base and prepare you for the practical assessment.

If you opt for the one-day training, either on or off site, you will have the opportunity to speak to the professional trainers, master your technique and practice your methods on real life models before sitting your practical assessment.

if you are opting for the online course then you will be required to have a practical assessment wither live online or via submission – depending upon your previous experience and/or current qualifications.


Eyelid tightening

Eye bag removal

Smokers lines

Wrinkle reduction

Crow’s feet

Mole and Skin tag removal

Tattoo removal

On enrolment you will receive an email confirmation with all of the information you require. if you are enrolling on an online course, you will be sent all of the relevant information to access and download your course material online. if you are opting for a classroom date then you will be sent a list quarterly in advance, with all up and coming training dates. you have up to 12-months to redeem your chosen course.

All customers will receive an account manager who is there to support you through your training. should you require any additional help or support your account manager can arrange a one two one or online workshop with your allocated training manager.

Areton LTD also provides free online training through the website where you can browse your preferred course of study, get access to free training materials and videos, take the online tests and get your certificate instantly.


Course manual

Welcome pack

Full ongoing support

Marketing material

Online training resources

Access to workshops

Account manager


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TRAINING: Online and Onsite

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