VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Practice Under Top Supervision

Practice Under Top Supervision

Do you want to have the best at your side wherever you are in the world to watch you and advise you while you perform the treatments for the first time? Do you want to get the world’d best plasma trainers to assist you when you are performing the treatment for the first time?

Book the world experts in Plasma treatments to watch over your shoulder and have peace of mind when you start these treatments. Get to practice with the world leaders in plasma for aesthetic purposes.

The first time you preform these types of treatments you may not have the confidence you require in order to perform them. This is normal. This is where we can help you. We are the world undisputed top trainers in plasma treatments for aesthetic purposes. Also this service can be useful if you are about to treat top end customers to provide them with the assurance that the top in the field are supervising the treatment.

One of the main doubts of those who take online training is: How do I get to get someone to watch over me as I am doing it for the first time? This service is is the answer.

Are you stuck with a particular client and not sure how to treat their particular condition? Are you having a particular problem with the treatments no one else can help you with?

Also you can use it if you are unsure about a certain type of specialised aesthetic treatment like Xanthelasma Removal etc.

All you have to do is connect your camera live feed using Whatsapp and arrange a video call. The Areton trainers will watch over the procedure and advise you. Meanwhile you can also ask any question you want.

So it does not matter where you are in the world all you have to do is  have a good mobile phone, internet connection, download Whatsapp on your phone and a tripod for the phone.


Half Hour Supervision


One hour Supervision

What you need to do once you made the payment. Arrange the appointment with us in advance. Please note that cancelling the order after making the online appointment is chargeable at 50 USD. So make sure you and the model can make to the appointment on time.

Set up the mobile phone in a stand where the treatment will be captured by the mobile phone’s camera.

This is a one on one under supervision treatment so that you can proceed with confidence.