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Benign skin lesions removal

Welcome to your Benign skin lesions removal quiz. Thank you for taking time for the online tests. This will test your knowledge. You can download the certificates at the end of the test.

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When advertising benign moles or skin lesions removal you can say you will guarantee no scars will be left.

If a mole or benign skin lesion appears to be inflamed, itchy or bleeding, I should:

When using the BeautyTeck for the first time for benign moles removal, you should:

State which one of the following statements are incorrect:  (Multiple answer)

Generally the way to remove moles minimizing the risks of scarring is:

Generally the following is true when removing benign skin lesions:

Which of the following are true:

When removing moles the use of injectable anaesthetic is mandatory.

After moles or benign skin lesions removal an antibiotic topical product must be used as part of the after-care.  ( Multiple answer)

Select the correct answer:

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