VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Crows feet attenuation.

Crows feet attenuation.

Welcome to your Crow`s feet attenuation quiz. Thank you for taking time for the online tests. This will test your knowledge. You can download the certificates at the end of the test.

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The preferred technique used for crow's feet attenuation is:

When advertising for crow's feet attenuation you can say:

When using voltaic arcing for crows feet attenuation for the first time you should:

What is the minimum wait period between crow's feet attenuation treatments?

What is the downtime after crow's feet attenuation?

Why is the use of any cover-up make-up (including mineral-based products) forbidden during the recovery period after skin tightening applied to the periorbital area, and skin tightening in general?

The use of numbing products is advisable for this type of treatment for:

After crow's feet attenuation:

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