VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Plasma and claims made by marketers.

Plasma and claims made by marketers.

Welcome to your Plasma and claims made by marketers.

1.The effect of plasma is only on the epidermal layer?

2.The depth of penetration depends on the duration of the arc.

3.Choose the correct answer.

The electric arcing can penetrate until this layer.

4.What are the false claims about plasma used by manufacturers?

Multiple Response

5.How are companies confusing the market?

6.The arc extinguishes automatically if the intensity is lower?

7.Why are some companies misleading about plasma arcing? Select the correct answer.

8.If the duration of the arc is long, it can affect the bone too?

9.Why is electric arcing or sparking devoces referred to as Plasma devices? Select the true answer.

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