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Red capillaries removal

[:en]The best way to remove red capillaries for aesthetic reasons is by using Electro dessication. However this can be also accomplished by using Electrofulguration.

If you are using an electrofulguration device for this application, move the electrode very slowly onto the skin where the vein is visible. You will find that if you move the electrode very slowly the tip of the needle will penetrate comfortably into the superficial part of the skin. Then the tip of the device will coagulate the small vein shutting it down. It is advisable to perform the coagulation every 3 to 4mm to ensure closure of the vessel.
Given that the red veins are very superficial, the tip of the needle does not require to be inserted deeply. It will only require a very shallow insertion. Once inserted the coagulation effect of the tip of the device will close the vessel. The blood vessel coagulation and closure occurs in fractions of a second.

When closing these vessels, sometimes minor bleeding can occur. It is possible to coagulate the bleeding vessel increasing the power setting of the device however this is not advisable if the red veins are on the face. This is because it is usually required to use a high power setting for coagulation which could result in dermal damage and therefore could result in scarring.

Healing usually occur within 7 days and after that the scabs are formed. The scabs will fall by themselves after 10 to 14 days following the procedure. The dots where the elecgtrical arc was used for vessel closure will be pinker than the rest of the skin. Provided that normal sun exposure had taken place, six to eight weeks after the procedure the color should have turned uniform and therefore there shall not be further signs of the treatment.

Remember to instruct the client to avoid infections and avoid strenuous activities  until the scabs have formed.[:]