VoltaicPlasma – Areton LTD Tattoo removal presentation

Tattoo removal presentation

[:en]In this video, tattoo removal treatment is discussed with the plasma devices. Different questions like,  what is the best method to remove a tattoo, Can a tattoo be removed and Is the treatment expensive?

Topic covered

  1. In the real world, most tattoos can only be attenuated.
  2. Most tattoos cannot be seamlessly removed as advertised.
  3. Therefore the normal option is double layer tattoos.
  4. How many treatments are required to “remove” a tattoo


How many sessions are required to remove a tattoo?

The number of sessions is dependant on the type of pigments, depth of the pigments and in case of lasers on the colour of the tattoo. Whether the tattoos are multi-layer etc.
The reality is that most tattoos will never be removed completely. For complete removal, you would leave a scar in most cases. Seamless removal is Rare.

Different methods to remove tattoos

  1. Lasers are the fancy most advertised method.
  2. TCA
  3. Surgery
  4. RF or Voltaic Plasma with or without salation (or osmosis)
  5. Salabrasion.
  6. Mechanical scrubbing
  7. The only guarantee of complete removal with minimal scarring is surgery.

Plasma tattoo removal process

The epidermal layer is removed to access pigment. Osmosis is done in the area with help of the salts to remove the pigment. It is a reliable method that requires multiple sessions to fix the tattoo. Patch test needs to be done before the test.


The advantage of Plasma over laser tattoo removal

  1. Every colour can be removed with the plasma.
  2. No swelling after the treatment.
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Less session required compared to lasers.


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