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The sink shrinkage which occurs immediately after the treatment is a proof that the treatment works.

Not true. It takes a numenr of treatment sand weeks after the treatments in order to appreciate the true effects of voltaic plasma skin tightening and upper plasma eyelid tightening.   The pictures of the area carbonised by the electrical arc are often shown as a sales tool to “show” However the treatment is effective in “shortening” the skin. This is not a permanent effect. As we know the area will change dramatically over the next fer days during the recovery “healing” period when the swelling and scabbing take place as well as the following weeks. Therefore the long term final results will be completely different from the skin temporary shrinkage soon after the treatment. The shrinkage is due simply to the dehydration of the skin treated with the electrical plasma. The electrical plasma carbonises and consequntly dehydrates the skin temporarily causing the temporary skin shrinkage (caused by the temporary dehydration) which is sometimes advertised as “skin shortening”. This is a temporary effect which will subside as soon ans the swelling takes over.[:]

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